Julie-Anne Grey

Julie-Anne Grey

Julie-Anne was born in Swansea, South West Wales. Since she was a young child she has written poems and short stories, several of which were published in school magazines. Her schoolbooks were covered in drawings, poems and stories, mostly about her greatest love and passion: horses. A horse owner and successful competitor in equestrian events for many years and as a British Horse Society Trained Instructor she has taught her students to  appreciate that when you are riding as one with your horse, you are 'Poetry in Motion'

A former catwalk model, Julie-Anne is now concentrating on her poetry, acting, and singer/songwriting. She has been an Equity member for many years and has performed in stage productions in theatres across South and North Wales, as well as in England and America.

She has worked in TV and film, internet, voiceover, corporate videos, T.I.E. and site specific performances - the largest of which was a three-day outdoor production of The Passion by National Theatre of Wales/Wildworks/Michael Sheen. Julie-Anne has also acted in many independent films.

In 2011 she visited America as one of the cast of The Seventh Quarry Drama Group, performing in dramas staged in Boston and elsewhere in America by American playwrights John Dotson and Lisa Maroski and Welsh poet and playwright Peter Thabit Jones.

She has sung with the National Theatre of Wales,Volcano/Welsh National Opera chorus in their successful production of Shelf Life at the Old Swansea Library.

In 2015 Julie-Anne co-founded GreysAndFavour company with her brother Steve Grey; she is currently in rehearsals and organising their next tour.

Julie-Anne's inspiration is her late mother who told her 'You WILL achieve your goals, providing you work hard for them'. Imprints her debut book of poetry, is a result of that inspiration. She also has a superb singing voice which can be heard on her CD, details of which can be found here.

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