'Dirty Business' at Catbrook Village Hall, Chepstow

On Saturday evening we had the pleasure of the GreysandFavour Theatre company performing the play, 'Dirty Business', at the village hall. This play had been booked through the Night Out scheme and was a  welcome addition to the list of events taking place at the hall, providing the community with the opportunity to experience an on stage  performance with real actors!

Julie-Anne, Steve, Cathy and Grace all arrived at the hall on time and got stuck in helping out setting up the layout of the hall and constructing their props for the performance. It was lovely to chat to  them about the play, where they had previously performed it and how the  subject matter had certainly resonated with audiences. All 4 were friendly and looking forward to the show in the evening and were  certainly easy to look after.

The performance took place to 30 residents and there were certainly chuckles and knowing laughs as the acts were played out. The characters were real and one could easily sympathise with the situation the 2 cleaners found themselves in and their failed attempts to rectify the situation so as the maintain the status quo, which we all know is  impossible in these days of tighter budgets.

The final 2 acts were shorter and perhaps more could have been made of the 'blackmail' theme to match the first act which was the more comical. 

Those attending certainly enjoyed the performance and the cast of  3, Steve, Cathy and Grace gave it their all assisted by Julie-Anne who kept it all under control.

Andrew Pullan,
Night Out events

Saturday 13th May 2017

'Dirty Business' at Tenby Arts Club

Last Friday at Tenby and District Arts Club, a large audience gathered to see a play presented by the Greys and Favour Theatre Company (writes A.D.)
The play, 'Dirty Business', was written by Derek Webb.
 Dirty Business is about two cleaners Josie and Angela, who are supposedly busy cleaning the office of council department head, Roger Beasley, when in between their chatting, they find evidence of swinging budget cuts planned for the near future, and wonder who will lose their job. They also find evidence that seems to incriminate Roger Beasley, and plan to use this to make him change his mind about the cuts.

On confronting him in his office the next morning, things don't go to plan, with their attempt at blackmail failing disastrously and another attempt to make the most of the situation to stop the cuts also failing... however, in the final scene, set a few months later, the repercussions can be seen.

This play has plenty of humour, with a steady flow of malapropisms from Josie, and an hilarious piece on the difference between vertical and horizontal cleaning from Angela. From a slow start, the tension mounted, and the unexpected climax drew an appreciative laugh from  the audience.

Cathy Morris played Josie, and Grace Dixon, played Angela.
Roger Beasley was played by Steve Grey, and the play was directed by Julie-Anne Grey. It was a very entertaining evening.

November 2016

Dirty Business

By Derek Webb

Performed by GreysAndFavour Company.

The company arrived on time, set up basic but effective stage scenery, refreshed themselves and were ready to perform. It is to their credit that one of the actors arrived from her mother's hospital bedside to perform and return to the hospital after the theatre performance.

The production is witty, topical and down-to-earth. The characters are believable, the actors convincing, the dialogue produced knowing giggles rather than gales of laughter. It was a simple production, well written and performed and created an enjoyable evening for the audience. The performance is a little over an hour in total.

Anyone involved in any of the public services will relate to the experiences of the cleaners and how the financial squeeze has affected many part-time hourly paid workers. The production whilst being entertaining is also thought-provoking. I would recommend this company and performance to small theatres, village halls and similar venues.


Ned Heywood
Chairman of the Drill Hall Management Committee

November 2016

Dirty Business by Derek Webb
South Penlan Community Centre
28th November 2015
On Saturday, emerging company GreysAndFavour offered us a "taster" from their latest production, "Dirty Business", the comedy by Pembrokeshire-based playwright, Derek Webb.
Dirty Business portrays the "after-hours" life of a council office, when cleaners Angie and Josie move in to conduct their sweeping and dusting.  Angie is a pub-quiz fanatic while Josie has a good line in mangling the English language and a lot of amusement comes from their "intra-team communication" (i.e. gossip).  The crux comes when they discover a confidential document detailing proposed spending cuts - and the cruellest cut of all: their jobs are at risk.  But they also find something much spicier - evidence that a senior official, Roger, is having an illicit affair with one of his staff.  Armed with this scandalous material, could they possibly persuade Roger to reconsider his spending recommendations? They wouldn't, would they...?
As Angie and Josie, Grace Dixon and Cathy Morris gave us two recognizable characters, amusing backchat and some laugh-aloud one-liners.  [...] The audience duly chuckled along.
All in all, an encouraging outing from GreysAndFavour, presenting an entertaining excerpt that left us wanting more.


Ron Meldon
November 2015

Ron Meldon is the author of several plays that have been presented at the Grand Theatre, Swansea, including "Edge of the World", "A Bigger Fool", "Eternal Fire" and "Secrets". His latest project, "Leir & Co", a modern re-imagining of the King Lear legend, was performed at the Grand Theatre in May 2016

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